24 Hour Product Challenge

Hey everyone, it is currently 10:10AM and I am starting the 24 Hour Product Challenge. You might have seen Nathan Barry do this two weeks ago, along with Amy Hoy. Sadly, I was on vacation then and I have a full time job, so I had to wait until today to get this done!

I will be posting all updates on my 24 hour challenge to *this blog post*. So bookmark it and come back every few hours to see where I’m at.

I’m going to be writing an entire eBook on building software products in a weekend, and I’m writing that entire book in 24 hours. The 24-hour mark will be a goal for something to give you guys, but it will definitely be polished and added to after that! Here’s the rough outline of what it’s going to contain:

  • Why would I want to build something so quickly?
  • Just what is a Minimum Viable Product?
  • The Planning Phase
  • What’s holding 99% of programmers back from completing a product.
  • My 3-Step Development Process that can cut your development time down to days instead of months.

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Update 1:35PM (3 hours and 25 minutes in)

So…that was one heck of a morning. For those of you that don’t know, I have a 10 month old, and I was supposed to baby sit him for 2 hours while my wife volunteered at a Santa photo shoot at a pet store. Wound up getting a phone call from her asking me to bring Oakley *and* both of our dogs so we could get our pictures taken, and then I had to eat lunch. So there went 2 hours…but I promised you guys I’d let you know what the trick was so here goes.

Instead of sitting down and writing out a full eBook, I’m actually recording the whole thing, then transcribing it using Dragon, then editing it up and formatting it to make sure that it’s cohesive. So here’s what’s happened so far:

  • Set up Dragon transcription software, trained it to recognize my voice.
  • Had it transcribe episode 2 of my podcast (the 3-Step Development Framework episode) so that I could use that as a starting point for some of the chapters.
  • The transcription came out as ONE GIANT 5500 WORD SENTENCE (!!!). So, now I’m working on editing it.

The next step is to see what I’ve got and outline everything. Wish me luck!

Update 4:25PM (6 hours and 15 minutes in)

Alright, that chunk of time was a lot more productive than the first.

However, it turns out that 33 minutes of audio will definitely not equate to one page per minute. I’ve got a first draft of the first 2 sections from the total of 4 that are contained in that audio, and I’m at 11 pages & 2380 words right now. It’s looking like the initial draft of the book will be around 50 pages long. Here’s what I’ve got so far:


“Chapter 1″ – Why would you want to build a product in a weekend?

“Chapter 2″ – Minimum Viable Products

“Chapter 3″ – The Art of Not Wasting Time (First Draft Completed)

  • Overview & Story
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • The 3-Step Development Process so you Don’t Waste Time

“Chapter 4″ – Step One: “Find It” (First Draft Completed)

  • Overview & Story
  • Googling is an Art
  • Your Network is Valuable
  • Didn’t find a solution? Try again.

“Chapter 5″ – Step Two: “Buy It”

“Chapter 6″ – Step Three: “Build It”

“Chapter 7″ – The “Before Building in a Weekend” Phase

Update 8:25PM (10 hours and 15 minutes in)

So I took an hour and a half for a small TV-episode break and dinner. But I feel like I’m getting a ton done! I’m presently at 25 pages and I’ve gotten 4 and a half sections done. Chapters 3-6 from above are “completed” (first draft) and I’m presently working on Chapter 2.

The word count is at 5016. I’m going to be finishing up Chapter 2 and then probably breaking until morning. This has been much more tiring than I thought it would be. So I’ll resume working in the morning and complete the Intro, Chapter 1 and Chapter 7. At that point I’m calling the first rough draft of the book done, and I’ll be opening the doors for me email list!

Update 9:45AM (23 hours and 30 minutes in)

The first draft of “Building Software Products in a Weekend” is complete! And I’m going to be sending out exclusive discount codes for 50% off and 100% off to everyone on my email list when it goes live, so be sure to join below!

Update 12:46PM

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m having a pro take a look at making the PDF look much sexier than I can before I publicly release it! Then I’ll be sending the book to everyone on my email list FOR FREE. If you’d like to take a look at what I have so far, hit me up at matt@mattkremer.com! Thanks :)

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  • http://my.angrytherapist.com Angry Tony

    congrats on meeting your deadline. that rocks. what kind of book design template did you use? or did you create that yourself?

    • http://mattkremer.com Matt Kremer

      Hey Tony, I actually paid someone on oDesk to design it for me :) It took them 3 hours, and it was definitely money well spent!

  • https://growthbloggers.wordpress.com/ Gerome Soriano

    Matt, am doing my own 24 hour product challenge and yours has been one of the resource I’m looking at :D thanks for putting this up :D looking forward to reading and taking action on your other guides :D Do check mine out :D http://bit.ly/24hourchallenge