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Hey, I’m Matt Kremer. I enjoy building & marketing software products and all aspects of business. I live in Milwaukee, WI with my beautiful family and work for Ionic, although the thoughts expressed on this blog are my own.

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The Building Software Products in a Weekend eBook

I wrote a quick primer on how I build software products quickly and efficiently. Kobra was built using the techniques laid out in this book in 36 hours.

The book is available for free and you can download it here.

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Available for Speaking Engagements & Interviews

My talks have been highly received at local Meetups, the dev.Objective() conference and That Conference with groups from 30 to over 900. If you’d like to book me for an engagement please contact me below.

My standard presentations include: “Building Software Products in a Weekend (Really)“, Ionic presentations, and “The Secret to Five-Figure Raises for Programmers“.


Kobra.io – The Realtime Collaborative Editor

I run Kobra.io, which is a realtime collaborative editor for programmers with built in voice/video chat. Programmers can jump in quickly by just pasting in their code and sharing a unique URL.


The Ionic Creator

I work for Ionic, specifically on the Ionic Creator project which is a drag & drop app builder that uses the Ionic framework.

Please feel free to reach out to me using the form below or by emailing matt[at]mattkremer.com!

- Matt Kremer

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