Commentary – The Rise of Product Hunt: 5 Growth Hacks

I came across a great article today on the 5 “Growth Hacks” that up-and-coming app discovery website Product Hunt used to get it’s site off the ground. It’s a great read and I definitely recommend you check it out (click the big button below).

Two of the most valuable pieces of advice in the article that you should take away are:

Your product should develop from a “natural progression of need.”

This means that you didn’t just have an idea that you thought would be cool and you went out and made it. It means that you witnessed a need, explored viable options, and came up with a solution that fits that need.

Too many times do I see someone think they have found a problem, and then they dive head first into a solution that they think will fix the problem. Maybe that solution was overkill, or maybe it wasn’t even a solution at all, and it winds up failing.

Product Hunt took a multi-step approach to their launch. First they tried a mailing list, then they made a website, then they looked to their community for help on their mobile app.

Try the little things first and make sure that all features you are adding are solving the original problem. It’s easy to get off track.

Incentivize people to share.

There is a reason the term “going viral” exists, social mediums are a great way for people to spread the word about your product to their friends, colleagues and family.

Two weeks before launched I put up a landing page that encouraged people to follow our Twitter account and send out a tweet about Kobra for the chance to win a lifetime membership. Remember that at this point, no one had even tried our product. We succeeded in getting over 600 followers in that two weeks time span, as well as over 2200 pre-signups.

Social is a great way to spread the word about your product, be sure to research it and use it correctly.

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