Commentary – We Killed Our Biggest Feature to Grow Our Businesses

Today I discovered GrooveHQ’s venture from “aha” to “oh shit” on their journey to get to $100K in monthly revenue, and they’ve already made it to $68K/month.

That’s quite impressive, but what impressed me even more was their ability to look at their own product with scrutiny. Sometimes we have to cut off our childs arm in order to see them grow…except in this case our child is a startup, I don’t actually advocate cutting off someones limbs.

There is always that one feature that in your mind is what sets your product apart from all of the competition.

For Kobra, that is the ability to use your own servers and load in an entire project, and as you know, I’m in the current process of axing some of the features in Kobra to develop a real MVP.

In Groove’s case, this feature was Live Chat in their customer support tool. In fact, who wouldn’t want to have live chat with customers that are currently experiencing issues in their product? Everyone would want that, right?

Turns out, that completely wasn’t the case.

Only 7.9% of users used the Live Chat in the past 3 months (Starting to sound like Kobra yet?). Not to mention, since it was a more complex feature, their developers had to spend more of their time supporting Live Chat instead of the core product.

The moral of this story though, is to look at that one feature you think is all unicorns and rainbows and really contemplate whether or not you need it, then back up that feeling with actual user metrics.

To learn more about their decision, please check out their blog post below, it’s definitely worth the read!


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