How I Built in 6 Weeks Using AngularFire

Last night I gave a talk at the AngularMKE meetup about how I was able to build my side-project,, using AngularFire in 6 Weeks.

This is a 1 hour and 15 minute bootcamp on how to think about development and build quickly using AngularFire that I am giving to you for free. Please comment below if you have any questions for me!

Here’s some of the things I went over:

  • My 3-Step development process so you don’t waste time.
  • A brief intro to AngularJS
  • An intro to Firebase and 3-Way Databinding
  • Bootstrapping an AngularFire project using Firebase command line tools

Here’s the presentation in full for you to watch!

Resources & Things I Talked About – My side-project that is built on AngularFire

The 3-Step Development Process so you Don’t Waste TimeOriginal Blog Post & Podcast Episode

AngularJSOfficial Website

Firebase – A realtime database-as-a-service. Here’s the Google announcement.

AngularFireOfficial Website & Documentation, my MVPStacks: AngularFire course, deploying code using the command line tools, the SimpleLogin library.

AngularFire Libraries & DatasetsFirePad, FireChat, GeoFire, Open Datasets

Vulcan – The Firebase Forge in your Google Chrome Dev Tools.

Denormalizing Your Data is Normal – Firebase article on the pros of denormalizing your data and the incredible speed it gives you.

FireSafe – Generate complex security rules for your Firebase (including cool anti-hack video game stuff)

The Podcast – Learn how to build, launch and market software products, even if you’re a developer.

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  • justinchmura

    Thanks for posting the talk! I was wondering if you can elaborate, without divulging to much, about how you integrate with Stripe and keeping that part secure when interacting with the client side code? I know you mentioned that you do have a server component for processing the payments when a user signs up for a paid plan. Also, how do you like working with Stripe? I’ve read quite a bit lately that people have not had the best experience.

    • Matt Kremer

      Hey Justin,

      Personally I like Stripe, and I think it was quite easy to set up and work with. Essentially the Stripe.js popup opens and after a user inputs their information, you’re given a unique code (string) that you then pass to your server. My server code basically says “Sign up for the yearly plan with this credit card code” and then returns true/false back to the browser. The stripe code is fairly simple, and their documentation has been great to work with.

      If you have any specific questions about that process, feel free to let me know!


      • Ramu

        hi Matt, discovered your talk on youtube just a couple of days ago. better late than never :). i wanted to ask you is your project doing, especially financially? Did you migrate to the new API?

  • makeitrein

    Matt, my plan was to go to bed an hour and a half ago… until I started watching your talk. My friend, that was one of the most informative and well-delivered talks I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to you! 36 hours seems like a good challenge to me – I’ll report back with what I’ve created when I’m done. Super excited to start working with AngularFire/Firebase… got some ideas in the back burner that just became much, much easier to build.

    Enjoy the holidays,

    • Matt Kremer

      Glad you enjoyed it Jordan! You’d love my new book “Building Software Products in a Weekend.” It talks about a lot of my strategies and how to put them into practice, and it’s free!

      • makeitrein

        Reading it right now, preparation for the weekend. ;)