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I normally don’t do product reviews, but I couldn’t resist this one. New technology is coming out all the time, and sometimes it’s hard to jump in and actually learn something new.

While I may be somewhat biased since I work for Ionic, I definitely think that hybrid mobile development is only getting started. Phones are getting better, and projects like Ionic are making sure that your apps run fast and “feel” as native as they possibly can.

Whenever someone comes up to me and asks how to get started with development, it’s always one of those “uhhhh, check out these learning sites for videos” kind of answers. But the issue is that many learning sites teach so many different things that it’s hard to get a handle on WHAT you should actually be learning, and in what order.


Appcamp.io launched a few days ago and I think it did one thing really well: it focuses on one specific set of technologies with a concrete “path” that you should follow to learn mobile development.

Appcamp takes you through each portion of creating a mobile app using Angular and the Ionic Framework step-by-step in quick lessons. This allows you to learn at your own pace and truly understand what you’re doing before you move onto the next section.

Screenshot 2015-09-11 11.11.51

The lessons are broken up into four distinct sections: The Basics, Angular, User Interface and Networking. Completing these sections in order will give you the knowledge you need to start hacking on your first hybrid mobile app.

Screenshot 2015-09-11 11.13.51

As you progress through each of the lessons, you also earn badges to track your achievements! And, I mean, who doesn’t love badges? (Not to mention they look really nice…I’m pretty sure if these existed in real life I would buy them.)


So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to learn programming, or you’re already a programmer but want to jump into hybrid mobile development, go check out Appcamp!

Start Learning at Appcamp.io


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