Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) This Saturday!

I was recently asked to talk at Bar Camp Milwaukee, an “unconference” that is happening this Saturday.

Instead of giving a traditional talk, I’ve decided to host a live Ask Me Anything (AMA)! It’s at 11AM Central Time, and you can RSVP or submit questions in advance by clicking here.

I’ll be giving a 10-15 minute backstory on and and then the floor will be open for questions about anything. Ask me about traction, anything about Kobra or anything about my blog posts.

I hope you can watch live! But if not, please submit any questions you have and I will have a recording available after the show.

Have a good one,
Matt Kremer

P.S. If you want to help me spread the word, click here to send out a Tweet I wrote for you :)

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