MK 002 – The 3 Step Development Process so you Don’t Waste Time

Welcome to episode 2 of The Podcast!

I built my side project,, in THIRY-SIX HOURS using my simple 3 Step Development process. I’ll walk you through the “Find It, Buy It, Build It” method so that you can hit, or even beat, your deadlines and build products faster. This is not a fantasy, dream or get rich quick scheme. It’s just being resourceful with your time by utilizing other peoples work.

I’ll even teach you some tips and tricks to get your boss to pay for services or closed source software for you!

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  • Justin McGill

    Good stuff Matt. I think one additional step to consider would be partnerships. For example in Workado I’m planning to have a chat feature for teams to communicate. I am planning to integrate with HipChat. Though I’m now also considering EasyRTC (after listening to this), but the advantage to a partnership is being exposed to their customer base as well.