MK 020: Weekly Q&A – Rapid Product Development 10/28/15

It’s time for round three of Office Hours! This time around we’ve decided to rename the show “Weekly Q&A – Rapid Product Development” which Mubs and I both think more accurately describes what the show actually is.

Our Weekly Q&A can be tuned into LIVE, and is a public “call in radio show” style show hosted on Blab where anyone can call in and ask us questions about building, launching, marketing, selling, or anything about software products really!

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Here’s some stuff that was mentioned during this episode:

The best thing about these free consulting sessions? I’m going to release them to the public after each one so we can all learn together. There are two ways to catch the recap! Either you can watch the video below or you can subscribe to my podcast (for just the audio) using these buttons:

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  • aarondfrancis

    Great show! Somebody’s audio is realllly staticy though, makes it hard to listen.

    • Matt Kremer

      Yeah, sorry about that! Mubs audio was a little wonky in the beginning, I made him fix it probably around 15 minutes in. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again :)

  • Andrew Wilkes

    Setting up a company is not a trivial decision as implied in the talk. You have legal responsibilities to file accounts in accordance with proper accounting procedures. And you as a director can be fined indirectly if you miss accounting deadlines. I know because I screwed this up myself in the UK. So I would not set up a company until you have revenue and sales to justify it.