Rogue Startups Podcast Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Craig Hewitt on The Rogue Startups Podcast. We chatted about my “Find It, Buy It, Build It” process, MicroSaaS products, technology education, and much much more.

Here’s a tidbit about some of the stuff we talked about:

Find It, Buy It, Build it – As a developer your time is valuable.  Don’t reinvent the wheel.  If you can find an open source project around your need then use it.  If you can’t find it open source then buy a premium plugin or library.  If those both fail then build it yourself, but only as a last resort.

The Passion Method – We have a limited amount of time on which we can work on our entrepreneurial ventures.  Don’t waste time with things that you don’t care about, even if they might make you money.

Listen to the Interview

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