The 1st Month of Hustle: Stats & Recap

Man, has it been one crazy month! was launched just one month ago today, with no pre-written content, and no actual plan. I just knew that I wanted to write about my experiences, and get off my butt and actually do something.

Doing it under my actual name just felt right, because then I could write about whatever I’m feeling the most passionate about. I hope that you’ve found some great content here, and I will continue to write more, I promise!

As you probably know, many of my posts have been quite open in nature. I like talking actual experience, failure and numbers. So I thought it would only be right to let everyone know some of the exact numbers and milestones that I hit this month for the blog.

And boy is it better than I could have ever imagined one month ago! Here are some highlights:

  • Almost 10,000 unique visitors came to in the past month, that’s ten THOUSAND. In one month.
  • My “2200 Pre-Signups” post hit front-page of Hacker News and got 32 points and 24 comments.
  • My “3 Launch Strategies” post got featured on Buffer as a “Recommend Post,” which resulted in over 450 social shares (and counting).
  • I decided I was going to relaunch, and held a pre-launch sale for Lifetime memberships which resulted in over 100 people buying for a total of over $2000 in 4 days! Crazy!
  • I built my email newsletter list from nothing to 100 people. I want to focus on getting this closer to 2-3% instead of 1% of total visitors this month.
  • 1 company contacted me from Silicon Valley wanting to talk to me about working for them. Resumes were never mentioned, they just liked my blog!

If there is anything that you take away from this, it should be that if you really put your ACTIONS, not just your mind, to something, you can succeed.

I’m especially grateful that you’ve followed along with my journey, and as always, I’m at your disposal. Contact me if you ever need anything.

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  • Justin McGill

    Congrats Matt – that’s definitely progress. I look forward to hearing more. I can imagine the defeatist feeling with just 8 customers, but the tool seems like a good one! I’m more of the marketing guy though so I wouldn’t be able to use it, but I can certainly see its value. I would think partnering with a lot of developer coding courses might be a logical partnership for your tool.

    • Matt Kremer

      Thanks for stopping by Justin! That’s definitely an option, and I’m really excited for the launch. I think with the new simplicity, that it will definitely find a larger user base and will hopefully spread faster as well. I will say though, Marketing is definitely more fun than development at times ;)

      • Justin McGill

        It’s more fun when looking at numbers that go up and to the right. :)

        Usability is key though, so you’re right in that sense. Look forward to hearing more about the progress/journey.