The Blog Post for People Who Actually Want to Do Sh*t

So, you want to start a startup? You want to make an app? You want to write a book? You want to get that dream job? You want to do something extraordinary that will change your life?

Every few weeks I get an email or message from someone local to Milwaukee asking me the same question in a variety of forms: “How do I start making X?” “I’m trying to figure out X before I start, any advice?” “What should I be researching before I start building X?”

Notice the pattern?

It seems like anyone who wants to do something is thinking in the wrong mindset. They start by thinking about what they should do BEFORE they start. They want to be prepared for whatever happens before it even happens.

This is the fear of inadequacy talking.

And let me tell you something, the beautiful world of success was not built for those that fear inadequacy. It was not built for those that fear beginning.

It was built for people who start now.

It was built for those that power through.

It was built for those that rise up and take the reigns.

It was built for you, but only if you have the guts to go out and take it.

The harsh reality of the matter is: you will never be more prepared to start than you are right now. No amount of study, no amount of “pre-research”, no amount of anything will prepare you to start.

You will learn along your journey, you will stumble and fall, yes. But the world is made for those that fall and get back up. For every time you get back up, only then are you more prepared for the journey ahead of you.

The average individual fears that they won’t do as well as the giants that came before them. They fear the pursuit of riches, because they are afraid of failing. But guess what? Those giants fell in their youth. They tried, they failed, they stood back up, and they became our idols.

This. This is the secret to success, the secret to being extraordinary, the secret to starting, the secret to riches, the secret to happiness.

Not being afraid to fall.

Not being afraid to just start.

If you don’t start now, you are wasting your time. If you’re not going to start immediately after reading this blog post, then when will you? When will you become successful?

Are you just pushing that triumphant date of success back into the dark depths of your death?

Let me tell you something about death. Those people in the graveyard down the street from you? The ones cold and six feet under ground? It is in their minds where the richest people in the world live. But many of them didn’t start. They didn’t write that book, they didn’t make that app, they didn’t achieve their dreams.

Why? They feared inadequacy. They feared starting. They feared what may happen if they try and fall.

So I need you to listen to me:

Anything is possible. You can be a champion, you can achieve your dreams, you only have to start right now.

If my words haven’t persuaded you to get off your ass and start your journey, I’ll leave you with this:


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