The Track at dev.Objective() Conference

So I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking at the dev.Objective() conference this year from May 12th – 15th. My talk, “Building Software Products in a Weekend (Really)” will be based on my book and include additional speaking points to get you up off your ass and program that side-project/MVP/job-project quickly and efficiently.

For more information on my talk, check out my session page. Also, if you haven’t yet, pick up a copy of my book “Building Software Products in a Weekend” for free by clicking here.

Now, obviously you should come to check out my talk, but I wanted to come up with my own session track that you should follow along with if you’re interested in building and launching Minimum Viable Products. Here’s the talks you should check out:


10:15AM – Using Ionic to Awesomeify your Cordova Development: Raymond Camden of IBM will be going through an introduction to hybrid mobile development using Ionic. I’ve been using Ionic lately to make mobile apps using HTML/CSS/JS really fast, and I highly recommend you check out this talk.

11:30AM – The Evergreen Developer: Timeless Skills for a Long Career: Josh Shultz of Safenet will be talking about soft and timeless skills that you should be using throughout your development career. Technologies will change, so you better equip yourself with these skills so you can survive in the developer world.

3:00PM – Our Application Got Popular, and Now it Breaks: Dan Wilson will walk you through common design decisions that could come back to bite you if your application gains popularity. While I don’t recommend building to scale right off the bat (MVPs people!) this talk looks like it will help you wrap your head around developing for scale correctly.

4:14PM – Front-End Modernization for Mortals: Cory Gackenheimer will be walking us through how to modernize a “legacy app”. Make your MVP in jQuery, but want to add in some new fancy JS without rewriting the whole thing? Cory will show you how.


9:00AM – Rethink Async: Ryan Anklam will be taking us on an RXJS adventure. This intro to reactive programming will open your eyes to a new way of developing Javascript applications that are backed by dynamic data.

10:15AM – Unstrap your Boots and get Comfortable with Semantic UI!: Kris Korsmo will talk to us about Semantic UI, a UI library that is an alternative to Bootstrap that has support for many popular JavaScript frameworks. While I’ve primarily used Bootstrap in the past, I’ll definitely be checking out this talk.

11:30AM – How do I write testable JavaScript?: Gavin Pickin is going to walk us through writing unit testable JavaScript. While (yet again), I don’t advise unit testing your MVPs, sooner or later your time is going to come! Check out this talk to get a nice intro.

1:45PM – Build out of this world applications with Meteor: Mark Drew is going to walk us through an intro to Meteor. Meteor specializes in creating responsive and fast applications that use the same code on the front and backend. I’ve been very interested in learning this technology as I think it will allow for rapid developing.

3:00PM – Relationships are Hard: Data Modeling with NoSQL: Curt Gratz will give us an introduction to NoSQL databases. Many “fast programming” technologies like Firebase are based on NoSQL. When using NoSQL you have to organize your data much differently than you’re used to. Check out this talk to learn how.

4:15PM – Software Architecture: It’s About Marcus Aurelius, not MicroServices: Matt Osbun will teach us “just what is software architecture, anyway?” This talk will be a language agnostic talk that will help you design your architecture much better.


9:ooAM – React JS & The Art of Managing Complexity: Ryan Anklam is back again to talk to us about React programming. If you enjoyed his other presentation, check this one out! If not, maybe “Hey, My Web App’s Slow. Where’s the problem?” will be your cup of tea.

10:15AM – Building Software Products in a Weekend (Really): I mean, come on, it’s my talk ;) I’ll teach you how to use language-agnostic strategies to build Minimum Viable Products quickly and efficiently.

11:30AM – Level Up Your JS: Understanding the Confusing Bits: It’s easy to get caught up in all of these fancy frameworks and let them do the work for you, but you should still have an understanding of pure JavaScript. Let Jason Dean walk you through some of the more confusing bits.

1:45PM – Marketing For Developers: If you want to build & launch your own product, you’ve got to know marketing. Trust me, it is fun (I promise)! Tim Cunningham will teach you that “having the best product” will NOT guarantee you success, and show you how to market your app.

Wrapping it Up

I look forward to seeing you at dev.Objective()! I’ll be wearing my gray-and-orange “MK” t-shirts the entire time, so feel free to reach out and say “Hi!” I don’t bite, I promise.


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