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Turn your idea into a reality in a single weekend.

You'll learn the development strategies I used to program my SaaS product in just 36 hours.

Any programmer can take information in this practical 53-page eBook and use it to build a software product. You'll be able to

  • Boil your idea down to a Minimum Viable Product
  • Learn how to waste less time writing unnecessary code
  • Use my 3-step development process for building quickly

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If you prefer to work SMARTER, not harder, this book is for you.

Plan your MVP

Learn how to turn your "Giant Perfect Idea" into a "Minimum Viable Product."

Time Saving Tips

Discover simple strategies you can use to waste less time while developing your product.

3-Step Process

Use the time-saving "Find It, Buy It, Build It" system of developing software products.

Impostor Syndrome

Begin valuing yourself based on your end-product, not your code, while programming.

Code Agnostic

Useful development strategies you can use no matter what language you code in.

No Bullsh*t

This book contains my strategies and experiences: no fluff and I'm not trying to sell you anything.

What People are Saying

Matt has so very succinctly reduced dozens of books that I have previously read, and experiences that I have had, in to a tremendously valuable book on starting a project or side project. If you’re thinking about starting something soon, you need to pick up a copy of the book!

Derick Bailey, creator of Marionette.js


If you're thinking of creating any web application product this book should be a core part of your project planning and delivery process. Matt has created a readable, approachable and essential publication that helps you optimise your time, skills and resources.

Matt Gifford, author, speaker, consultant at Monkehworks


If you’re about to walk into a hackathon or embark on building a product yourself, Matt’s book is an essential warmup. Don’t try to build every single component of your product from scratch. Use Matt’s tips to help fill in the holes from software that’s already built - mostly free!

JP Toto, developer at Wildbit


Take a Peek Inside

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About the Author

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Matt Kremer

Matt Kremer is a regular-guy who just happens to love business, marketing and programming. He built in 36-hours to allow programmers to code collaboratively. He's got a blog and a podcast where he interviews budding "developrenuers." When he's not working the 9-5, blogging or podcasting, he's spending time with his (awesome) wife and baby boy, two dogs and a lizard.

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